Academic and Other Regulations

Class Attendance:

One of the most vital aspects at Sentinel College is attendance. Faculty members are responsible for course-setting and administering attendance policy in their respective courses for bunking classes, for excusing absence, for determining how missed works should be made up, and for assessing penalties.

Every student should attain 80% of attendance including compulsory attendance on examination and tests, failing which he or she will be debarred from the Council and University Examinations.

Leave of Absence

  1. No Student should be absent without prior leave duly obtained
  2. The name of any student who is absent for one month at stretch without prior leave of application will be struck off from the roll.
  3. Students who are absent without prior leave of application must bring a written justification duly signed by the parent/guardian or, a medical certificate from doctor.
  4. Absence without prior leave of application(s) and sound reason after a vacation renders the student to a fine of Rs. 200/- on reopening day.

Examinations and Tests

  1. The College will conduct Weekly Assessment, Unit Tests and Pre-Final Exams and other regular assignment as part of internal assessment.
  2. There shall be Pre-Promotion examination for Class XI and Pre-Final Examination for Class XII and B.A. 
  3. Selection for Council of Higher Secondary Examination and University Examination will be determined on the basis of the student’s overall record of performance on the above examinations and tests.
  4. It is imperative (for all intents and purposes) that any student   studying at Sentinel College (Class XI/XII/BA Courses)   when dropped during the selection Examination conducted by the college is legally (morally and technically) deemed not selected.
  5. Assignments will be given as part of tutorials every Friday, and from time to time.

College Uniform

  • Coat (Men/Boys & Women/Girls) – Navy Blue (Mon-Wed)
  • Sweater (Men/Boys & Women/Girls) – Navy Blue (Thu-Fri)
  • Long Pant (Men/Boys & Women/Girls) – Grey Stripe for Class XI & XII Students – Navy Blue for B.A. Students 
  • Shirt (for all students) – White XII 
  • Neck Tie (Men/Boys & Women/Girls) – Deep Red
  • Shoes (Men/Boys & Women/Girls) – Black (Gentle)
  • Socks (Men/Boys & Women/Girls) – White
  • Ribbon (Men/Boys) – White

The above college uniform will be available at Sony Dresses near View land Church. The college will have house-wise-T-Shirts for all the students.  


All the students must come to college in full uniform on all working days and on special functions/occasions of the college. Those students who defy the rules will be debarred from attending classes/functions.

Attire for both men and women should be neat and clean. Acceptable makeup and hair style do not include extremes. It is understood that a Sentinelian should be willing to keep his or her personal appearance within broad confines of high standards.

Student Conduct and Discipline

The college seeks students who possess qualities of character and intellect enabling them to benefit from and contribute to the college community. Students are expected to reflect the character of the college in conduct, speech and appearances, whether on or off campus, to students and others.

Students enrolled in the College assume an obligation to govern themselves in a manner compatible with the ideals of the college. Students should therefore, conduct themselves at all times with high standards of responsible citizenship, and with due regard to the right of others.

The College reserves the right to exclude at any time students whose behavior is deemed undesirable or prejudicial to the college community’s best interest. Examples of such undesirable conduct, without excluding others, are:

* Use of Tobacco products
* Use illegal drug & intoxicants
* Sexual misconduct and disorderly conduct

Miscellaneous Regulations

For each and every student studying at Sentinel College, it is a bounden duty to observe

  • Acquisition of all the required textbooks and notebooks for the same.
  • Possession of identity Card for admittance into the college premises
  • Cultivating the habit of speaking in English Language as medium of communication within the premises.
  • Replacement of goods in case of any loss done to the College property by the erring person/persons.
  • Ebbing away the habit of loitering in the College compound during class.
  • Necessity of maintaining cleanliness and hygienic habits in th college premises
  • Bringing and taking eatable things inside the class room is strictly prohibited.
  • Ornaments of any types and use of cell phones are not allowed inside the college premises.

In case of breach of discipline penalization, by way of imposing fines, suspension and other suitable actions, will be f as the authority deems.  Students are admitted on the clear understanding that they will observe the rules of the college and accept the authority of the Principal.

The college authorities are in no way responsible for any indiscipline/misbehavior of students outside the College premises.