About Us


O Sentinel of Ukhrul;
Christened to an institution.
Much that we adore lo,
Keeping close vigil on the learners
With an insightful wisdom,
And a spectrum of service.
Acquire the truth we seek
As we sail for a brighter future.
The motto “Knowledge Wins” –
Let it be our conscience and guide
To serve God and Country better.
O God, bless SENTINEL


God has created a new day
Sliver and green and gold,
Liver that the sunset may find you
Worthy His gifts to hold.


Our father who art in heaven,
Hallowed be Thy name;
Thy kingdom come;
Thy will be done
On earth as it is in heaven
Give us this day our daily bread;
And forgive us our trespasses
As we forgive those who trespass against us:
And lead us not into temptation
But deliver us from evil,


Sentinel College is a privately supported, secular, non-political, co-educational institution of Science, Arts and Commerce.

Founded in 1996, Sentinel College is the oldest private college in Ukhrul District. It is affiliated to the Council of Higher Secondary Education, Manipur and Manipur University. The original planning and founding of the institution as a College resulted from the vision and sacrifice of eight Delhi-Post-Graduate intellectuals when Ukhrul District was deprived of a quality institution for higher studies. In the early years the college rented premises and was first housed at Hamleikhong. The College began with just 22 students in arts stream. Since then the College has been slowly and gradually increasing in numbers and infrastructure. The College presently offers Science, Arts and Commerce streams for intermediate studies, and B.A. (Honours) for Undergraduate Courses. The College is also the Host College/Institution of Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) Study Centre and National Institute of Open Learning (NIOS), where students can avail varied courses, counseling, reading and audio visual facilities.

Since its inception, and despite its impoverished infrastructural set-up, the college has been excelling in both curricular and extracurricular activities.  The college has to its credit produced for the first time toppers and letter-markers from Ukhrul District in the Examinations held by the Council of Higher Secondary Education, Manipur. 

The College seeks to achieve excellence in teaching and instruction, while providing an educational setting that serves to further personality and character development.  The college endeavors to impart skills, concepts and values to the students while preparing them for a worthwhile service to God and humanity.

The college place unswerving faith in the young generations who are receptive to new ideas and values that they will usher-in changes to the society. By enrolling at Sentinel College you commit to capture true values by acquiring knowledge and serve men on the foundation of truth and knowledge, built upon the footing of true values.

Welcome to Sentinel College.

Name of the Institution

Sentinel simply means ‘a sentry’ or ‘a guard’ On a higher plane, the College is so christened because it intends to shoulder upon itself the onerous yet noble task of imparting knowledge and truths to the upcoming generations for a brighter future. The College strives to stand like a colossus in the executions and realizations of such an ideal.

The Emblem

The ‘globe’ signifies the living world. The symbolical representation of the ‘shield’ is our cultural heritage of defense and freedom which the College will uphold and foster come what may. The ‘open book’ is synonymous with knowledge, and the ‘pen’ signifies the power that knowledge and wisdom emanates.

At Sentinel College, the precept, which is its institution motto, that “Knowledge Wins” is pervasive. This precept forms the basis of the approach to learning, service and student growth and development at the College. The College maintains an enduring commitment to achieve its motto.

Statement of Education Philosophy

We believe that the mission of Sentinel College is that of a teaching institution concerned with facilitation of the development of a whole person. To that end, we hold that it is a primary purpose of the College to provide formal program of instruction and other learning opportunities that stimulate and foster intellectual curiosity, that supply the tools to transform information into knowledge and understanding, that arouse the social and moral conscience of its students, and that cultivate in its students a willingness to respond to the global needs of mankind.

We see a profound dedication to the search for and dissemination of truth as fundamental to the accomplishment of these purposes. We therefore, believe that the faculty, student, administration, regents and staff should be committed to and supported in their pursuit of knowledge, evidence, and truth.

We believe that the College should provide learning opportunities with sufficient diversity to be relevant to the changing needs of the individual and society.

We further believe that the College, as it endeavors to fulfill its underlying mission of instruction with efficiency and accountability, should seek to achieve the following needs:

  • To pursue excellence in instruction and other learning opportunities, innovation, culture, academic freedom, and devotion to true value.
  • To enhance the individual development of character, personality, and true values by fostering and maintaining an academic community emphasizing moral, social, ethical, culture, spiritual, and national standards.
  • To extend equal education and related opportunities to a diversity of individuals regardless of race, sex or ethnic background.
  • To mould the students to be worthy and altruistic with the view to bring about social justice, economic, prosperity and political wisdom.

We strongly believe that it is the ultimate aim of the College to mould and guide every student to the last count to be intellectually alert, morally responsible, socially conscious, culturally distinct and nationally integrated.


Sentinel College is located at heart of Ukhrul Headquarters, opposite Ukhrul Town Hall, Near TV Relay Centre.

Extracurricular Activities

In addition to the existing games and games and sports, arrangement will be made to increase the Games and Sports facilities (both outdoor and indoor). Students’ study tour will be arranged by the College authority from time to time. However, preference will be given to the senior students. Seminars, debates, symposium, campaigns, workshops, elocution, etc will be arranged by the College from time to time.

NSS and its Scope

The National Service Scheme (NSS) with the motto or watchword ‘Not Me But You’ was introduced in Sentinel College in 2003.

The NSS Volunteer, who is a college + 2 level student is the main beneficiary of the programme by way of development of his/her perception about the community, his/her skill to perform certain jobs, and develop quality of a leader, organizer, and administrator and development of his/her personality as whole. Through NSS, he/she gets opportunities to see the community closely and thus gets an experience of human nature in relation to his/her environment. This is how the NSS programme aims to make student/youth better citizens through “Development of their personality through community service”.

Students who become a volunteer of the NSS will get appropriate weightage if he/she completes 2 years in NSS and gets the certificate signed by the Vice-Chancellor of the University/Head of + 2 Council/ Universities may give preference to such NSS volunteers in matters of admission, promotion and other privileges as decided by them.

It would be worthwhile to mention here that two NSS volunteers from Sentinel College were dispatched to Jharkhand to participate in the National Integration Camp.